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Website Integration Options

Agile Ticketing provides several options for integrating the ticket purchase process into your website.  Check out the document below to see further details about these options.

WebSales Feed API

Agile Ticketing’s WebSales Feed allows third-party developers to easily pull information from our database into their websites. This level of integration is used most often since it requires less time and coding than the deeper API integration. The feed is available for request as JSON or as XML and there are several query parameters that allow for manipulation of what is returned. It can also be requested as a file download which can be periodically digested into an external site.

Example WebSales Feed URLs

Important Information About WebSales Feed Usage

The Agile Ticketing WebSales Feed has usage limits to avoid overuse degrading the overall user experience. The limits are primarily here to protect the system from overuse by external systems, not to restrict you as a user, and can be evaluated on an as-needed basis.

If you are building a web page using the Agile Ticketing WebSales Feed, we recommend that you do all GET requests on the server-side, and cache the results for a short period of time. If you get substantial traffic on your site you would not want to call the WebSales Feed each time you get a page hit, since this may cause you to hit the request limit faster than expected. In general, whenever you can cache data like this you should do so. The WebSales Feed data on the Agile server is only updated every 10 minutes so getting the data more often than that won’t give you much of an advantage.

Remember that the internet can be unreliable. Your application should not assume it will get an answer. By using proper caching of the WebSales Feed data on your server you will be able to provide a consistent user experience even if there are internet issues between your server and Agile.

Refer to the documentation below for more information about how to use Agile’s WebSales Feed.

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