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Hardware Rental Form

Tell Us Who You Are and Where You Need The Equipment to go:

What Products Would You Like To Rent?

Which Type of Printer Do You Need
Would you like any add-ons or substitutons?
Do You Need a Data Plan for your Scanners? (If you do noat have WiFi at your scanning location abut still need to do live validation you need a data plan)
Do you need Extra Data? (Your data plan activation comes with 150 megs of data. 4 megs will scan about 1000 tickets.)
Additional Gig for Hot Spot? (Each of our Tasman Hot Spots come with 1 gig of data. If you would like to purchase more please indicate so below)

Ticket Stock

One bundle of Agile Ticketing Logo Stock will be included in each Festival In A Box that you rent. You may purchase additional ticket stock. There are 1000 tickets per bundle and 10,000 ticket per case. Each additional bundle is $10.00 each and each case of stock is $100.00 each.
Do You Need Any Other Supplies?

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