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Virtual Fundraising Campaign Ideas

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a massive shift in the day-to-day operations of many organizations across the world. If you clicked on this blog, you’re likely interested in how your organization can continue fundraising during this time of uncertainty. Don’t be discouraged, here at Agile Ticketing Solutions we are here for you!

We understand that the current state of the world has made it nearly impossible to host in-person fundraising due to safety and social distance guidelines and the state of the economy has limited the philanthropic gifts individuals are able to donate. All of this isn’t a reason to give up hope. Here are ten effective virtual fundraising campaigns ideas your organization can incorporate into your 2021 fundraising strategy.

1. Virtual Theatrical Performances

If your organization is a part of the performing arts, cinema or theatre industry then this virtual fundraising event idea is an absolute no-brainer. You can accompany your virtual event with any of the amenities a normal performance would have, such as snacks, drinks, or intermissions. Consider selling virtual tickets and setting up a donation prompt at checkout. Use messaging such as “We understand that we are in a time where everyone is struggling. If you feel compelled to do so, please think about donating to our organization. Any amount, even a dollar helps.”

2. Virtual Run/Walk Fundraiser

With a lot of gyms still closed around the world, it may be fun to get your community moving with a virtual run/walk fundraiser. Sell tickets with Agile Ticketing Solutions, and be sure to add the donation prompt we talked about earlier. Instead of meeting up all at one place you can have participants pledge a specific amount of miles they plan to run or walk on their own. This will allow you to reach more people outside your local community and you can use social media to help you

3. Virtual Guided Learning

Believe it or not, some schools still out of session, leaving many parents struggling to balance their children’s education and their own jobs. If you haven’t yet thought about hosting a virtual guided learning session, now is the time to do so. You can set this up with Agile Ticketing Solutions’ very own AgileLINK Live. Some organizations are offering virtual guided learning sessions for free, but if you want to you can also sell tickets and/or ask for donations in exchange.

4. Virtual Live Streamed Concerts

Unfortunately for music lovers, we will not see a return of traditional concerts or music festivals for quite some time. Luckily musicians around the world are taking matters into their own hands and offering performances to benefit virtual fundraisers. Even if you can’t book a household name, people still yearn for any live music from local bands, vocalists, DJs, violinists, rappers, and everything in between.

5. Meet & Greets

If your nonprofit normally offers supporters an opportunity to meet beneficiaries in person, but no longer can with social distancing guidelines, offer a virtual meet and greet. Nonprofits can ask supporters to make a donation or purchase a ticket in order to receive a virtual conference meeting link. Zoos, aquariums, or wildlife preserves can have staff feed animals or offer informational sessions on camera.

6. Tours

Many higher education organizations, museums, and botanical gardens are no longer able to offer walking tours. Allow supporters the opportunity to virtually see your facility behind the scenes with an expert. You can even use this as an opportunity to reach supporters outside your city or state with popular hashtags like #museumathome or #museumfromhome.

7. Digital Happy Hour

Many nonprofits have been re imagining the way we do happy hour in quarantine. You can offer a free digital happy hour to fundraise money for your non profit. We have also seen this with restaurants, where they fundraise to raise money for misplaced servers and bartenders. Typically attendees will learn how to make cocktails from home while messaging in donations and questions about workers in need. This can be done on the AgileLINK platform.

8. Virtual Cooking Night

Have you thought about hosting a virtual cooking night fundraiser event where you can partner with a local restaurant and raise money for your non-profit and also simultaneously help them spread awareness of their business too!


You may need to adjust your fundraising messages, especially when running a fundraising campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to remember to stay sensitive to how your patrons too have been affected by the current environments.

Have any other ideas on fundraising? Drop us a comment below and let’s continue the conversation.

Stay safe, healthy and best of luck with your campaigns!

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