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Features to Help Your Venue Reopen

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As more venues across our nation reopen we wanted to give you the tools to help you do so seamlessly. We recognize that the world that we live in has changed and the way you operate your venue may change because of it. That is why we got to work and came up with these awesome features to help your venue reopen faster. We have added features such as Touch Free Scanning, Social Distance Seating and Online Concessions. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

How will these Features Help Your Venue Reopen?

Social Distance Seating

Social Distance Seating allows your venue to operate as “normal” while keeping your patrons safe. This cool new feature allows your box office manager to easily define the number of rows in front of and behind a seat, as well as the number of seats to the left and right that should be blocked around seat requests. When seats are assigned the system will automatically change surrounding seats from default open inventory to a selected “Social Distance Buffer” group. This feature works with manually picked seats or auto-assignment making it easy for you to keep patrons safe and at least 6 feet apart. Also having these seats set in the system will make it easier for your staff to know which seats have been used in, making cleaning faster and more efficient.

Online Cross-Sell and Alerts

This feature allows you to offer other items to purchase while your customer navigates their way through the checkout process. The Agile Ticketing Solutions Software allows you to alert the customer with custom text, or require them to accept an attestation when adding certain items. For example, if someone is checking out and they add a beer or glass of wine to their order, you can add a requirement that this customer will need to be 21 years or older or must accept a waiver.

Other Example Use Cases:

  • Purchasing a film then cross-sells them concessions for purchase.

  • Purchasing a certain event then asks for a donation for a specific cause.

  • Provide a message after purchasing defined items.

Making Concessions Fulfillment Easier

The Agile Ticketing Solutions fulfillment features can be set to automatically print concessions orders every few minutes for orders with upcoming events, making it easier for you to manage the amount of pre-ordered concessions you will have available and, ensuring fresh and ready concessions upon arrival. The screen can be auto refreshed and fulfilled manually. All fulfillment order receipts give details about what to prepare for the order, making it easier to help your venue reopen faster.

Touch Free Scanning

We offer touch free scanning to help your box office keep your patrons and staff safe. Touch free scanning is easy, quick and effective. No more ripping physical tickets, clients can now download tickets on their smart phones that can be scanned easily on line.

If you enjoyed this blog and want to learn more about the features Agile Ticketing Solutions offers, click here. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media channels to keep up with all the new innovations happening!

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