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Digital Signage: 5 Ways VisualVenue can Improve your Event Experience

Agile Ticketing Solutions is proud of our latest innovation, VisualVenue - a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way theaters, art houses, museums, festivals, and virtually any type of event engage with their audiences. Here's how it can improve experience for your event or venue!

Enhance Patron Experience with Dynamic Content

Digital signage offers a more interactive experience for patrons, allowing you to display movie trailers, promo ads, and even display directions to help with wayfinding. Display QR codes or other interactive forms to engage audiences to provide feedback, leave reviews, share what they'd like to see next, and more. The possibilities are endless with easily manipulated signage that can be changed with the click of a button.

Streamline Ticketing and Concessions

Digital signage is a sure way to attract new customers and retain previous ones. Well-executed signage can streamline ticketing and concessions by allowing patrons to order in advance, relieving your staff of unnecessary strain. You can even allow patrons to sign up for rewards program through directive signage and displayed QR codes to encourage returning customers to your event or venue.

Boost Concessions Sales with Digital Menu Boards

Boost your concessions sales and shorten lines with digital menu boards that can display custom designed menus and a variety of bundles. By using digital signage, you can encourage patrons to order in advance, make up their mind before reaching the counter, and even persuade them to order larger quantities with enticing offers and discounts.

Collect Data for Informed Decision-Making

Digital signage is a great method to gather data and inform future decision making for your event or venue. Display trivia inquiries, interesting venue information, and offer feedback and survey opportunities for your patrons. Utilize any gathered data and analyze it to inform your offerings, promotions, and more while simultaneously enhancing customer experience and optimizing operations for greater profitability.

Improve Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

By using digital signage, events and venues can significantly cut the costs of printed materials and the time required for design, ordering, and, of course, waiting for material arrival. Digital signage allows you to change displays in a matter of minutes without the added hassle. Not only that, but by displaying information to your patrons you can add a layer of transparency and lower the need for personnel to share basic information, in turn boosting employee efficiency and customer flow.

Ready to learn more about VisualVenue?

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