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Review and Complete the Agile Ticketing Solutions' Fandango Addendum


Review and Complete the Agile Ticketing Solutions' ACH Authorization Form


Download and Complete the Theater Profile Form. 


Return the Completed Form to Agile Ticketing's Support Team by Emailing to

What to Expect Once You've Submitted Your Venue Profile Form(s)

Once all the Steps are complete, the Agile support team will create a new Web/Fandango Sales Channel/Buyer for your Agile instance. All current web pricing and fees will be copied from the default web buyer type to the new Fandango buyer type. A new Web Fandango Payment method will be added to allow tracking and reporting of ticket sales and payments due.

Much of the setup and schedule are dictated by Fandango’s workload and out of Agile Ticketing Solutions' direct control. We anticipate a typical production timeframe will be two to fourteen business days. Your Agile Ticketing Solutions' representative will do everything possible to move the process along quickly and keep you updated.

The cost for a ticket submitted to Fandango will be the sum of the base and any category-based fees defined in Agile Ticketing Solutions. Fandango will add a service fee to the total cost of the ticket and pass this fee along to the end customer. Fandango will remit the total cost of the ticket (base + fees defined in Agile Ticketing Solutions) weekly.

Fee & Remittance Explanation


* Fandango sets end customer fees. The $2.00 shown above is just for illustration.

** Agile does not charge additional fees for tickets sold through the Fandango interface.

Monies for tickets sold the previous Monday through Sunday will typically be submitted on Tuesday for an ACH deposit. Monies are typically deposited in one to three business days, depending on your bank’s clearing rules.


Buyer Type can control the syndication of event information to Fandango at the event/showing level. This may be necessary to prevent non-Film specific events (Live or Rental Events) or contractually embargoed events (Film Festival content) from being presented to Fandango.

Interested in Getting Started? We are Here to Help!

Thank you for your interest in Fandango! We will be in touch shortly!

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