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AgileLINK and CineSend Integration

It’s no secret due to the pandemic the theatre experience is changing dramatically and quite rapidly. At Agile Ticketing Solutions, we saw this change happening early and began reconfiguring our software so that our theatre partners could continue telling great stories without missing a beat. Sure, the environment is different, the popcorn machine isn’t making that delightful sound of corn popping, the soda fountain isn’t fizzing like it was a only a few months ago, but the stories we tell can still be told and patrons are still hungry for great film. 


With AgileLINK VOD (powered by CineSend) now, you can deliver high quality film catalogs directly to your patrons inside of the brand umbrella of your theatre. Your market is protected, your revenue opportunities are still realizable. You simply connect with your film distributor and let them know that you are ready to extend their content to your eager patron and member base. 

With the Agile Ticketing Solutions’ CineSend Media Distribution partnership, content can be geo-fenced and secured. You’ll receive the revenue from ticket sales and the donations from customers. 

So, until the popcorn and drink fountain is ready to flip back on, why not restart the storytelling and reconnect with your patrons today? 

Welcome to AgileLINK powered by Cinesend. 

1) Download the Contract Addendum Here


2) Complete and Scan and Email to 

3) A support agent will connect with you soon after or you can call (615) 360-6700

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