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How to sell more tickets in 2022!

With Agile Ticketing Solutions, selling tickets online is easier than you think!

There is no doubt that social media and technology have changed the way consumers interact with businesses on a day-to-day basis. It has allowed the average business to reach a global online audience and open up even new possibilities. This past year we have seen short-form videos pave the way for many small businesses to get new customers into their doors. While this can feel overwhelming, with Agile Ticketing Solutions by your side – anything is possible.

There are new opportunities for ticket sales, but they pose new issues as well. What is the right way to market your event internationally? Your event will be of interest to a global audience, or will it be more local? Is there an online ticketing system available for your event? In what locations do you sell the most event tickets? How many people use the Internet to purchase tickets for events? Is it a smart idea to sell tickets on Facebook? Can it be done?

With Agile Ticketing Solutions on your side, it is possible. Keep reading to learn how.

Increase sales of event tickets online, providing more options for patrons.

Offering ticket options gives people a more flexible choice regarding how they can attend your event. Giving potential event attendees a free option, such as a “buy one, get one free” offer or “pay what you wish” option, gives them an opportunity to try out a virtual event without having to commit heavily. It is also accessible to those with a limited budget. Don’t worry, adding these options won’t thwart your event’s ability to make money.

You can sell more tickets by upselling your event.

It’s imperative to understand how to be encouraging if you want to sell tickets for an event. A gentle ask could be helpful to encourage attendees to share information about the events they are attending. Many of these incentives are provided in the form of a well-written description on the ticket, which outlines creative and innovative ways to spend money.

Tiered ticket pricing can also be effective. For example, silver tickets can be priced at one level, while gold and platinum tickets can be priced at escalating levels. Various price points for special content can be offered, such as one-on-one online access to special guests or special pricing on future events.

You can gain a lot from these effective marketing tactics. Nevertheless, some consumers are last-minute shoppers when it comes to online events. Tickets to online events tend to sell closer to the event date than tickets to in-person events, according to Agile Ticketing Solutions. It is estimated that digital tickets are sold twice as fast as in-person tickets within 24 hours of event start times.

The event description can make a big difference in this last-minute ticket purchasing behavior.

Focus on cultivating relationships and creating fans.

What about those who choose to attend the free event? The offer of free tickets may not be the ideal outcome for creators, but it still offers some key opportunities for those looking to expand their audience.

As important as the sale itself is the process of establishing community. Agile Marketing gives you the opportunity to grow your community of attendees with both free and paid tickets. Regardless of whether you issue a free ticket, it still adds a name to your database that you can target for future events.

We can distribute free tickets to partners, influencers, media, and anyone else who can help spread the word and encourage others to buy tickets. Having a social media contest and giving out free admissions is a great way to promote the event. Using an online poll, you can decide the winner and increase the amount of engagement on social media.

Overall, the free option is an easy and quick way to get people into the event and begin building relationships with fans.

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