codeREADr for Android and iOS

Agile Ticketing has integrated with codeREADr to provide scanning on android and legacy iOS devices. This integration must be enabled below. There will be a small monthly per device chard for using the codeREADr service. Check with your account representative to determine current options and prices.


AgileTIX for iOS

Introducing the mobile ticketing application that is revolutionizing the way Agile Ticketing Solutions clients promote their brand and engage with ticket buyers. The AgileTIX iOS app is engineered to increase sales and provide convenient ticketing and event management operations right in the palm of your hands.

Key Features:

  1.  Sell tickets when logged into the online sales mode. Simply attach an Agile Ticketing Solutions’ approved credit card swipe to your iOS device and have patrons purchase tickets anywhere, anytime. Ideal for efficient rush line management.

  2. Select multiple ticket types from one simple, easy-to-use screen.

  3. Multiple ticket validation methods, including scanning and manual code entry

  4. Quick reference to event manifest, order look-ups and customer search.

  5. Create instant, e-delivered receipts of purchase.

  6. Reduce equipment costs with an efficient and completely mobilized sales solution.