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Our university and college partners share many core values with Agile Ticketing Solutions’ corporate philosophy. We believe that education causes innovation, and teamwork isn’t just a buzz word. That’s why our commitment to assisting our collegiate partners is so strong. We understand the challenges that many universities and colleges are facing today. How do you provide your students, faculty and staff with real value and offer amazing, engaging opportunities to alumni and parents? With Agile, the solution is simple.

We’ve rethought the way collegiate partners connect with their students, faculty and staff.  Using our innovative membership platform, we provide a core benefits identification system that is completely managed by school administration. Benefits and tickets are deployed to each eligible student, faculty and staff member at the beginning of and throughout the year. Using the Agile Ticketing platform, collegiate partners provide alumni, parents and community members the opportunity to enjoy school hosted events at the schools’ discretion, thus converting these events into fundraisers without the hassle of actually fundraising. It’s a win-win!

Core Universities & College Features

Dynamic Event Ticketing

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Patron Membership Management

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Customer Relationship Manager

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Concessions & Merchandise

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