Agile Ticketing Solutions, LLC Unveils Enhanced Pass/Event Security Feature

HERMITAGE, Tenn. – With an aim of improving event management operations, Agile Ticketing Solutions, LLC has introduced several exciting software features over the past couple months. One of these innovations arrived in January’s 6.10 update with the release of memberships/pass images. As of this update, customers can supply organizations with personalized identification images which will be painted on the pass or membership card. The feature was later enhanced in system update 6.11, unveiled in April.

The Agile Ticketing Solutions’ membership/pass image feature allows an organization to manage, identify and track customers like never before. Now, once a customer purchases a membership or passes through the Agile Ticketing Solutions system, a prompt appears for them to upload a member identification image into the system. This image can then be used to easily identify, track and manage the customer once it’s printed directly on the physical membership card or the event pass. The organization can review images before printing passes.

“While this feature was initially introduced in January, the April enhancement made it even easier for event managers by allowing customers to upload the membership/pass image themselves,” said software developer Julian McBryde. “This allows for a much smoother event fulfillment process, saving clients time and money.”

The most prominent benefit organizations will notice with this feature will be the enhancement of their security operations process. Organizers who utilize the identification image feature now feel even more empowered with their event security operations due to the ease of identifying customers with both an image and their customer information. The feature also enhances an organization’s company-customer relationship process allowing employees to place faces with the names of their patrons.

“This feature positively impacts the overall ticketing management process in several ways, the most prominent being the implementation of improved event security measures,” said director of strategic marketing Shane Burkett. “Organizations now have better ability to identify, track and manage their customers which in return gives event managers peace of mind in an ever-changing social environment.”

For more information about the membership/pass image feature, current clients can contact an Agile Ticketing Solutions, LLC representative at For those interested in learning more about what the Agile Ticketing Solutions, LLC platform can do for their organization, contact to schedule a software demonstration with an account executive.

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