Gate Control

Ensuring the authenticity of your tickets is an important part of managing a successful event. Ticket validation gives your customers peace of mind that their investment in your venue and their entertainment is secure. With Agile Ticketing Solutions, ticket validation and gate control is easy to use and manage.

Seating Inventory

Using our core seating inventory platform, each ticket produces a barcode, or a selection of barcodes, which delivers a direct link to our database to authenticate and validate a ticket.  Your gate control professional will scan each ticket as the customer enters the venue. The scanning equipment will advise the gate control professional with an audible and/or visual indicator advising of the tickets authenticity status. Once the ticket is scanned, the seat is “technically” removed from inventory for the duration of that event.

iOS (Apple), Android & RIM (BlackBerry) Device Capable

Need to expand your scanning capabilities? No problem! With Agile Ticketing Solutions, your iOS, Android or RIM device becomes a dynamic ticket scanner.  This feature is perfect for smaller film festivals or art houses that might have a tight budget.  Your account manager can help you download the required app and provide guidance on connecting our device to your event database. With Agile Ticketing Solutions, its never been easier to authenticate your customer’s ticket!

Advanced Technology

We believe that any event manager, regardless of budget, should have the ability to validate tickets. This is why we’ve developed multiple validation types using industry standard barcode scanning technology.