Event Ticketing

Agile Ticketing Solutions is an innovative ticketing and venue management platform that provides cutting edge technology to organizations throughout North America.

Multi-Channel Sales

With Agile Ticketing Solutions, you’re able to effortlessly sell your event tickets through multiple sales channels including web, box office, mobile, kiosk and outlet. You can even push your events to your organization’s Facebook integrated ticketing portal, allowing your patrons to sell your events for you. Click here to learn more…

Reserved Seating

Your customers will enjoy the ability to choose their seats when purchasing their tickets. Click here to learn more…

Portable & Mobile

Since the Agile Ticketing Software is cloud-based, you can setup a box office virtually anywhere. And there is no need to invest in expensive proprietary hardware.  A PC and broadband connection is all that’s needed to fully operate your venue or film festival.  Not to mention you’ll have immediate access to reports, customer data and available inventory whenever you need it.

Multi-Ticket Types & Custom Designs

Print@home, Will Call, Rush, VIP – The Agile Ticketing Solutions platform accommodates tiered ticketing.

Packages and Series

Need to put together a package or series? That’s easily performed using the Agile Ticketing Solutions platform.

Passes, Comps & Vouchers

Agile Ticketing Solutions helps your organization manage film festival passes effortlessly. Simply load the passes into the platform and provide your pass recipient with the auto-generated invitation. Your pass recipients can select the films they want to see or you can decide which films are pre-loaded.