Concessions & Merchandise

“The concessions part was great in that we do have members they get a discount it let us track not only who was coming to movies, but how often buying at concessions.”
Melinda Morgan, Operations Director
The Belcourt Theatre

One of the most profitable touch points at your event is concessions and merchandise.  This lucrative opportunity is frequently missed by some theatres simply because they are unsure how to manage this area of the venue. As a matter of fact,  most historic theatres struggle with concessions and merchandise offerings, which is why Agile Ticketing Solutions provides a dynamic point-of-sale (POS) system that allows for greater flexibility, speedier transaction processing and ultimately a major profit center for your organization.


Capture food

Optimized Touch Screen Enabled POS

Agile Ticketing Solutions provides your concessions and merchandise team with the ability to control lines and serve your patrons quickly using the touch screen optimized concessions and merchandise processing screen.




Sell Merchandise Anywhere, Anytime!Picture1

With Agile, your gift shop isn’t the only place where customers can find your merchandise, and your operating hours aren’t the only times they can buy it. They simply log onto your website where they can purchase hats, gift cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs.  Once the transaction is made, your Agile support team can fulfill the orders for you! We call it the “no fuss” merchandise fulfillment service and your account executive can help you sign up!

Reporting & Accounting

The Agile Ticketing Solutions’ core provides an in-depth look at the health of your venue and events through the web-based accounting and reporting module, including your concessions and merchandise sales.