Accounting Services

                         “The reporting is very easy especially for rental events it’s very clear. We can email a link … daily or weekly what their ticket sales are…”
Melinda Morgan, Operations Director
The Belcourt Theatre

Understanding your venue operations is a vital part of running a successful organization. This is why Agile Ticketing Solutions’ web-based Accounting and Reporting module encompasses every corner of your theatre or entertainment venue.  From box office to concessions to membership and merchandising, your accounting and reporting delivers a comprehensive view of the theatre’s health. All from one central location and all in real-time.

Auto-Syndicate Reporting

At Agile Ticketing, we understand that often times, your organization’s leadership is comprised of a board of directors or private ownership, which is why we want to ensure that you have the tools you need to provide them with accurate, up-to-date information at any given moment.  With our auto-syndicate feature, you can choose the reports that matter most to your organization’s leadership and have those reports sent to those individuals or groups automatically.

Real-Time Accounting

Since your venue operates in real-time, we thought your accounting should be available to you in real-time.  You’ll never have to wonder what your credit card settlements were for a given night, how many tickets were sold, or what occupancy percentages your theatre reached. With Agile Ticketing Solutions, those figures are made available to you immediately, as they happen!

Rentrak Reporting Onboard

Film statistics are typically managed by 3rd party organizations like Rentrak.  With Agile Ticketing, your Rentrak reporting can be automatically generated and provided to your distributor, effortlessly keeping your organization in compliance and keeping your distributor happy.


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